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Organic. Feed Your Happy is a three year campaign run by us, the Organic Trade Board (OTB). We're inviting people to add happiness to the world and their lives by feeding their happy with organic food - and to experience the unadulterated joy of organic food.

We formed the OTB in 2009 and have one simple aim: to grow organic sales in the UK. With over 150 members and representing over 70% of the UK’s organic market from brands, processors, co-ops and retailers, we are the voice of the organic industry.

The Organic. Feed Your Happy campaign is funded 80% by the EU and 20% by OTB Members. The EU funding is awarded under the promotion policy: DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission, governed by EU regulation no.1144/2014, other eligible products and schemes are all agricultural products excluding tobacco; also fishery products and EU Quality Schemes (including organic). The campaign is a joint campaign with Organic Denmark and is the largest international organic campaign. The funding is split with the UK receiving a budget of €7.2m, and Denmark receiving €3.2m – a total of €10.4m over three years.

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