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How to spot certified organic food and drink

Wondering how to find organic products? Look for the EU green leaf logo, it's a simple shortcut to find food you can trust.

Any product sold as organic within the boundaries of the EU has to carry the EU leaf logo plus the number of a certification body. This is the sign that the item has conformed to EU organic standards of production, manufacture and labelling that apply to all organic products sold in the EU whether they originate from within or outside the EU.

The main aim of the European organic logo is to make organic products easier to find for consumers.

A network of certification bodies in each country will make sure that the product meets the EU standards. In some cases, the certification body may ask that a product also carries their own certification mark, and throughout Europe, customers may see different marks on organic products, but ALL products sold as organic in the EU, whether produced in the EU or outside it, have to carry the EU Leaf logo.

One area not covered under EU organic legislation is cosmetics and as such do not carry the organic EU Leaf logo. Standards for organic cosmetics are currently being put forward for inclusion in the regulations but it may be some time before these are finalised. In the meantime, it is good advice for customers buying cosmetics that make an organic claim, to look for a symbol on the pack from a recognised organic certifier such as the Soil Association or Organic Farmers and Growers (OF&G) and check the stance the of manufacturer of any products making such a claim.

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